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Updated: Sep 14, 2018

by Gillian Larson on 18 December 2017

Though there was a time that he thought he may not live to see the next day, he stayed positive and has accomplished things that some have only dreamed of. Paul's story reminded me that everyone has a story if we can only take the time to look beyond what we see. A story that can inspire us and such is the story of Paul Amadeus Lane. 

25 years ago, a multi car collision, 8 months in the hospital and the wheelchair combined with attitude rolled Paul into a most extraordinary life.   Reality Rally is honored to be in his life and have Paul as part of our "Tribe" helping raise funds for Michelle's Place.  I am awed and inspired at all he is and does. Meeting and knowing Paul is one of the ways that being on Survivor has enhanced my life.

Over 20 years ago, after being involved in a multi car collision that left him a C-6 Quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair, Paul's life was nowhere near where it is today. In fact, there was a time when he and his doctors believed that he only had 72 hours left in his life. Paul ended up spending 8 months in a hospital recovering. Undeterred and inspired to live his dreams, Paul attended the Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting in 2006. He went on to graduate from the school with honors. In 2007, he landed his first paid radio gig at CBS Radio KFWB-AM as as News Production Assistant while working at CBS he landed an additional radio job in which  Paul earned the title of Bureau Chief for NBC News Radio, KCAA 1050 AM, in Southern California's Inland Empire. He also served as a Host for their weekday morning show, all the way up until 2014.He is currently the bureau chief for ABC News Radio KMET and also host the Tech Zone show as well as cover various events and host special programming throughout the year.

Paul has had a long and interesting life, so far. During his career, Paul has interviewed some of the most influential people on earth, including, Dr. Maya Angelou,  California Atty. Gen., Kamala Harris, California Lieut. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Chubby Checker, Hill Harper, George Duke, Megan McCain, Tommy Davidson,  and many more. His talents have allowed him to even be featured in a National magazine such as, Radio Ink. Though there was a time that he thought he may not live to see the next day, he stayed positive and has accomplished things that some have only dreamed of. His love for video games, sci-fi and technological innovations have created a successful career for himself. It has also created a way for him help others and keep them just as positive and encouraged as he is.

Listen in  to Pauls interview with Maya Angelou and be inspired. See and hear more of Paul Amadeus Lane

So HOW did Reality Rally come into the picture of his life ???

It was 2015 and one of our engineers at the radio station suggested that we interview the winner of supermarket superstar who was going to be a part of this thing called reality rally.

Up until that time I had no idea what a reality rally was. Upon making contact with Xiomara Hall.  I hadn’t done any research about the event but after talking Xiomara I was so intrigued. She instructed me to contact the organizer Gillian. So I sent Gillian an email in which she responded her and her last name sounded very familiar and when I looked at the signature line I knew exactly who she was. Being a big survivor fan I was blown away with what she was able to accomplish after her appearance on survivor. After the interview Xiomara invited me to attend the reality rally Friday event at Wilson Creek winery. It was truly a transformational experience and after that I told Gillian I want to be a part of this each and every year. I had the privilege of actually going to Michelle’s place last year and experienced just what they do. I also had the privilege of meeting Michelle’s parents and interviewing them.

Another privilege was when Gillian allowed me to take over the Reality Rally Facebook page on Friday night from Wilson Creek winery to interview the reality stars and get their candidate responses of what it meant to be on a reality show and also be a part of the reality rally. I hope I’m able to have the privilege again this year. Yes Paul, you are a big part of "Our Tribe". Paul was also one of our Interview Hosts on our Global Live Stream and will be again.Thank you Paul, 

Being a quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair I know first hand the challenges that an individual goes through a life altering illness in their life. After last year’s reality rally Gillian thanked me for being a part of it and told me that I am now a part of her tribe. That truly brought tears to my eyes. If I wasn’t flexible enough to do the interview with Xiomara I probably would’ve never known anything about the reality rally. I’m looking forward to being a part of in 2018 in any area in which I can be of help. My goal is to get as many people as possible to come and enjoy the event and meet some amazing women who are so inspirational with the challenges they face.

This is a demonstration of "Follow up is The key" Paul followed up with Xiomara, he followed up reaching out to me and I followed up with Paul and ever since then we have been a part of building more in his life story and that of ours.

Outside of his work on TV and Radio, Paul has served on the Board of Directors for the American Advertising Federation's, Inland Empire Chapter. Paul is also a Brand Ambassador for the Abilities Expo Los Angeles and has been so since 2015. In June of 2015, he was given the privilege of being the Keynote Speaker for the United States Equal Opportunity Commission's annual training and has even hosted scholarship pageants and No Drug America events. For the Intersection of Technology & Entertainment, Paul gratefully served as a Moderator on a panel at the Black Enterprise TechConnext Summit in 2016. On this panel, he had the honor of working with CEO's, Entertainers, and Business Development Directors.

Pual's story reminds me to never take anything for granted,to value everything I am physically capable of doing. Let us all remember we should all do what we can with what we have, while we can and when we can.   

There was a time that he thought he may not live to see the next day, he stayed positive and has accomplished things that even he, in his darkest hours only dreamed of.

Attutude is and was everything.


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